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State of the Art Grinding Equipment in Springvale, ME

At NEXGEN Tooling we use the combination of the HELITRONIC POWER, MINI AUTOMATION, Walter Helicheck and Tru Tech Revolution for tool grinding machines. These fully robotic machines ensure tools are rotationally symmetrical from one batch to the next, so you can be sure you're receiving cutting tools manufactured to your exact specifications. The Walter Helicheck measuring machine delivers repeatability and accuracy of 1.4 micron(+/-.000030"). The Walter Helicheck virtually measures every tool geometry automatically without having to touch the tool. This guarantees consistency from operator to operator. Get the best tooling from the best grinding equipment in Springvale, ME, today.

No Design Is Too Complicated

 The HELITRONIC POWER and HELITRONIC MINI AUTOMATION can grind complicated geometries in a single clamping cycle. The Helitronic series offers software capabilities that can create virtually any complex design with its vast flexibility tool design options.