Reconditioning Program

Buying larger diameter solid carbide tooling could be looked at as an investment and a great way to maximize your ROI. Maximize this investment by utilizing our tool reconditioning service.

Program Guidelines

  • Our program accommodates 3/8″ dia. and above on any tool we manufacturer for you.
  • We can recondition our standards or our custom-made tools
  • Customer designated work to be done (i.e. Ends Only, OD Only,or Ends & OD)
  • All “originally coated” tools will be re-coated upon completion of reconditioning
  • Program is only applicable to NEXGEN made tooling
  • Minimum Quantities
    • 3/8″ to 1/2″ Diameters – 15pcs min. (same edp #)
    • 1/2″ to 3/4″ Diameters – 10 pcs min. (same edp#)
    • 3/4″ Diameters – 5 pcs min. (same edp#)
    • Custom Tools – Call us for quote

Program Services

  • We can accommodate custom marking on package and/orshank of tool. As well as unique regrind identifiers on the toolor package.
  • Give us the minimum length of cut, or OAL, and we will never exceed that on your reconditioned tools.
  • If not originally coated, for an additional fee, we can coat the tools before returning to you.
  • Tools that are not salvageable can be returned to you(customer responsible for return postage) or, if requested,we can scrap for you.

Get started by contacting your local NEXGEN distributor, or call us at 855-263-2328. We’ll direct you on the steps to take in getting your tools reconditioned.

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