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Drill Bits

Cutting Edge Design meets Industry Leading Quality 

Engineered precision in every tool. From our cutting edge designs to our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, to our award-winning coatings, at NEXGEN Tooling, cutting tools are not a side-line, but our main-line. Our dedicated team of professionals achieves excellence because Cutting Tools are our focus.

Cutting Tool, Custom Carbide Tools , ME

Innovative Designs

Innovation, optimization, and exceptional execution separate us from the competition. Gone are the days of making a line of static do-it-all tools. Today's development of new materials and applications require us to stay ahead of the curve. Our efforts in continuous improvement have allowed us to achieve new innovative designs that far exceed the tools of yesterday. This approach to continuous improvement can be seen through our entire manufacturing process and is built into every aspect of our business model.

Standards and Custom Orders

Service without limits. Whether you are a small research & development group at a university or a major player in the aircraft industry, we are there for you. Along with our successful custom capabilities, we are also a full-service provider, offering a full line of standards as well as the ability to service your reconditioning, resharpening, and remanufacturing of your used tools as needed.

Products that we manufacture:

• Square, Ball, Radius or Chamfer Endmills
• Form Cutters
• Carbide Step Drills

• Solid Carbide Drills and Reamers
• Surgical Tools
•Tapered Ball Endmills

Custom Impeller, High-Performance Tools in Springvale, ME

Consider us a member of your Team 

At NEXGEN Tooling, we understand that time is money, and it pays to have your tooling produced to exact specifications. We will create custom carbide cutting tools for you to help save you both time and money. 

When precision counts, you need to know your tools are up to the job. Our tools will cut down on time involved in your manufacturing processes, allowing an increase in your production and allowing more throughput. 

Receive Quality Standard and Custom Carbide Tooling Every Time

Quality is not just an idea or motto, it is the driving force that resides in every aspect of our business.

Contact us today at NEXGEN Tooling for more information on our carbide tooling offering.